Meet Suparlan, Indonesia’s “Electric Man”

Suparlan, the "electric man"

Suparlan, the "electric man"

ELECTRIC Man, what do you have in mind when you hear that? God of thunder? Not in this case. A man with enormous power who can control electricity? Closer but not that powerful in Suparlan’s case.

Neighbors call Suparlan, 59, an “electric man”. Why, you ask? He’s sort of “immune” to electricity. He seems unaffected, even when he put plugged cable in his mouth.

Electricity is not a new thing to the man with 9 children and 12 grandchilds. At first, he tried to touch electrified cable. “It felt tingling, but I’m okay,” he said.

It became part of his daily activities, especially when he worked as an electric engineer in CV Seri Utama, Surabaya, and CV Indra Saputra, Probolinggo.

“Whenever I’m weary, I touch (electric) cable for a while. It refresh my body when I’m sweating,” he said.

With a cable in his mouth, he showed off his immunity with a test pen. “See, the (test pen’s) light’s on,” he said.


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