President Under Fire Over Escort Patrol Officer’s Repressive Act

Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono.

Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono.

INDONESIAN President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono is widely criticized because one of his escort patrol police officers arrogantly repress, phisically and verbally, a mere citizen who lives nearby president’s house.

The citizen, a journalist named Hendra NS, wrote a complaint letter to Kompas newspaper. In the letter, he lamented the President because of traffic jam that always happen whenever Mr. Yudhoyono left his house to the Presidential Palace. That’s right, he doesn’t live in the Palace and that’s what Hendra NS said in his letter. He suggests Mr. Yudhoyono to live in the palace to avoid traffic jam.

“As a neighbor of Mr. SBY (abbreviation of Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono), every single day I see the arrogant manner of President’s Escort Patrol officers in Cikeas (President’s residency) and Cibubur, up to Jagorawi highway. Myself, and almost everyone prefer to pull over whenever we hear Escort Patrol’s sirens,” he said.

According to the letter, Friday (7/9/2010) left a trauma for him and his daughter. At 1 PM in Cililitan’s Highway Gate that day he heard siren sounds, he also heard a voice yelled over the microphone told him to pull over. “I realized that it’s gotta be Mr. SBY or his family. Me and other motorists slowed down and tried to find a more comfortable place to stop,” he said in the letter.

Suddenly, said Hendra, “Dozens Escort Patrol vehicles lining up and closed every route about 100 meters to the west of Cililitan’s Highway Gate.”

Hendra’s vehicle was in front of the line. An officer in a patrol car in front of him told him to pull over to the left with nonverbal sign (the wheeldrive in cars produced here is on the right so when you pull over it’s mostly to the left), which he did accordingly.

But suddenly he heard another voice over a speaker telling him to pull over to the right. It confused him, one asked him to pull over to the left and another ordered him the opposite. “Over confusion and panic I stayed in my position and wait for the next order.”

“The officer in front of my car went down his vehicle, he slammed my car’s hood and whacked my (car’s) right mirror, so hard that it folded inward. Then I heard a threat, ‘You want me to put a bullet in you?'”

After he pulled over to the left, the officer came to him and verbally abused him without giving him a chance to reply. “I saw fear in my daughter so I decided to debate him. I tried to explain what happened before but he wouldn’t listen. He said illogical things like ‘From which direction did you hear the speaker?’ or ‘You should’ve followed my order’ or ‘I almost broke my hand just to give you a sign (to pull over to the left),'” he said.

Hendra said he wanted to meet the other officer who gave him order, but the officer stood still. The argument last for almost 10 minutes, but no other officer came to help. “At least they should prove themselves, just as the jargon said ‘to serve and protect,'” said Hendra.

Not wanting to see violence, Hendra revealed his journalist ID. But the officer looked at him with contempt. “He didn’t admit what he did to my car. Unfortunately, I couldn’t see his nameplate which was covered by his vest. He went on saying ‘Every day we worked under the heat and only got small salary, it’s not like I want this job,'” he said in his letter.

When Mr. President passed, the officer ran to his car, “He followed a dozen of his comrades, left me and my daughter in disbelief,” said Hendra.

“Dear Mr. President, we sincerely hope you move in to the Presidential Palace and make it as your home. Everyday we suffer when you and your family left your house in Cikeas. Sure Cibubur’s never got any traffic jam, but it only applies to you and your family, not to us.”

Sincerely yours,

Hendra NS


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