Naked “Anna Chapman” Now For Sale. Any Bid?

Gorgeous spy Anna Chapman

Gorgeous spy Anna Chapman

ANNA Chapman, a name known to all after her involvement in the spy rig scandal exposed, is now available in action figures form. There are two kinds of figures available at

With $29.95 each you can bring the figures, dubbed as “The Spy I Could Love” (topless) and “Predator” (curvy), home.

Now, why would the action figures manufacturer create a topless doll of Anna Chapman a.k.a Anya Kushchenko. Well, as you might have already known, her ex husband leaked or sold her topless and semi-nude pictures.

This is one of her nude pics leaked by her ex-hubby

This is one of her nude pics leaked by her ex-hubby

Anna, 28, married to Alex Chapman, an English, and lived in London for several years. She was extradited from US earlier this month along with nine other alleged Russian spies, exchanged with several alleged US spies. She fled to Russia and lost her British nationality.

Chapman's topless action figure

Chapman's topless action figure

In a letter sent to her last Monday, Steven Hirsch, Vivid Entertainment’s president stated that he’s eager to see Anna Chapman join Vivid and play in porn titles. Well, not only Mr.Hirsch, many other males would want to see her in porn industries.


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