No More Remakes Please: Michelle Rodriguez Said to Hollywood Bosses

Michelle Rodrigues urges Hollywood bosses stop making movie remakes

Michelle Rodrigues urges Hollywood bosses stop making movie remakes

ENOUGH is enough! Michelle Rodriguez got sick of Hollywood movie remakes and wants some fresh ideas in the silver screen.

She doesn’t like the ongoing trend, which is bringing back old ideas. Apparently she thinks Hollywood should just let old movies be… well old, not that they are bad, and should not be given botox injection to revive them.

She tells

“I think the industry needs to wake up and stop doing remakes because I’m kind of falling asleep. They need to start doing movies about something other than comic books and stuff that come out in the Eighties. We’ve exploited that already. Let’s do something new. It’s sleepy time in Hollywood right now and we need to find something else.”

With new versions of “The A-Team” and “The Karate Kid” (or should I say “Kungfu Kid”) in 2010, she thinks bringing 30-year-old ideas back to the big screen has grown tiresome and the Hollywood bosses should just nip them in the bud.


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