Naomi Campbell and Charles Taylor Were Flirting: Ex-Agent

Naomi Campbell

Naomi Campbell

CAROLE White, Naomi Campbell’s ex-agent, said that the supermodel was flirting with former Liberian President Charles Taylor before she was handed the so-called “blood diamonds”. Well, and she might be offering Taylor that same smile while flirting with him.

According to White, at Nelson Mandela’s residence where the dinner took place, Taylor promised Campbell, who was sitting next to him, that he would give her a present.

At the war crimes trial of Charles Taylor, as reported by Telegraph, White said:

“Naomi was very excited and told me ”He”s going to give me some diamonds”. She leaned back in her chair to talk to me.”

White said that Taylor, allegedly gave his support to rebels in Sierra Leone, leaned forward while “smiling and nodding in agreement.”

“They were being charming to each other, mildly flirting. They were just being affable. Naomi, I think, was flirting with him and he was flirting back,” said White.

According to her testimony, both of them enjoyed each other’s company. She added:

“I just heard them laughing and talking but I can”t recall the conversation.”

Now that’s what I call dangerous flirt.


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