iPhone Becomes “Homophone” as Gay Application Shows Up

Grindr is an iphone application to find gay men

Grindr is an iphone application to find gay men

GRINDR is the name. It’s an iPhone application that maximizes iPhone’s GPS system to locate the nearest gay men around. Not only that, but Grindr also provides the users with some statistics such as as height, weight, age, ethnic background, and even a photo.

As reported by New Zealand Herald, the new application gain mass popularity among local gay community. Joel Simkhai, Grindr developer, said that the application has solved a key problem for the community which is to find out who else is gay nearby.

Commenting on the application, Simkai added that there will be a similar version for lesbians. And it will be released by the end of the year.

Matt Akersten, ex-editor of Gay New Zealand portal, said that the application is fancied by hundreds of local gay men.

“You might not be in the traditionally gay areas – you could be in one of the smaller centres – and you just plug it in and realise you’re not alone, and there are other people like you out there, it’s a great networking tool,” he said.

However, there is an accuracy rating of plus or minus three km, he added.


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